15 Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. 16 If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?  James 2:15-17

Summer Mission Trip (Gulf Coast)
Mtn2Sea Ministries will be hosting summer mission trips on the Gulf Coast helping those who were devastated by Hurricane Micheal. Other trip dates/locations available, just contact us for info.
What will youth get from the trip? 
An understanding that missions is not just one week a year!
Our goal is not to just help folks in need, it’s to have your group return home understanding that serving God is more than a once a year week long trip. We want them to return home with a desire to serve the Lord year around. To live a life on missions!
The understanding that God can use them on a daily basis!
We will prove to them, that regardless of any abilities or lack of, God can and will use them for His work if they are simply willing. We will then give them examples of how they can personally serve Him on a regular basis, at their school, in their home town, or around the world.
That missions is not just a work project. 
Although your youth will be learning about spiritual servanthood, they will also prayerfully understand that there is another reason we are serving than to just help those in need. We are also serving in order to provide a solid opportunity to share the Love of God.
The youth will be able to return home knowing they served others in great need and made a huge impact in a struggling community. If willing, they will also learn accomplishments such as team work, leadership and some new hands on skills.

Scope of the work: 
The projects will focus on the greatest need that we can be the most effective at. When possible, we will try and choose projects that your youth can finish so that they can see an end result. In general we will be doing light construction, yard work/debris clean up, painting, etc. We will choose projects where everyone can participate and be useful.

Work will be in the Mexico Beach/Port St. Joe area (where the eye of the storm made landfall).
We will stay at a church in Port St. Joe.

Housing:  (Hotels in this area have been destroyed.)
Groups will stay on a church floor utilizing their own air mattresses.
Showers will be a mix of inside showers and outside shower trailers.
Housing and showers will be separated boys/girls.

Meals: All meal are provided except travel times and free day. See schedule below. Our staff will prepare breakfast and dinner. The youth will help make their own lunches.

Dates: June/July (June 3-8, 17-22, 24-29 and July 1-6) 

Cost: Early Bird - $285.00 before May 1st. $315.00 after May 1st. Includes housing, food, work site drinks, tools, supplies, equipment, work shirt, etc. We can only hold your group's spot with a $50.00 per participant non-refundable deposit. Your group's spot is locked in as soon as the deposit is received. Since we are going to commit to helping folks in need, we have to make sure that we have participants show up to meet that commitment. 

Who will be serving: 
Youth groups from around the south East. There will be folks from Tenn, GA, FL, etc. Week participant size will be in the 50 range. So spots will most likely fill up quick. If you have at least 50 (or want to combine with a sister church), you can reserve the entire week for yourselves if you do it quickly before the slots close.

What’s needed from your group: 
The most important thing is a servant's Heart and positive attitudes! Especially from your leaders who will be setting the tone for your group.
To be prepared for some hot and tiring work, with the understanding that it’s just one week out of their year (with plenty of fun times and a beach day). The ones they will be serving have lost so much and will be dealing with it for years.
Register and get your deposit in early. This will help us to get the supplies and tools ready. Mtn2Sea Ministry will supply each person on the site with quality tools and equipment to be able to serve. 
One chaperon per 5 youth. This is important because of the type of work we will be doing. We will have staff, but you are responsible for your group.
A willingness to work/live with other groups.
Double check your what to bring, dress code, insurance, and wavier lists. Coming soon.

1500 – Check In
1800 – Dinner/Free Time
1900 – Lunch Prep
2000 – Welcome, Briefing, Devotion (This time would include a video and possible a local, speaking about the storm.)
2030 - Leaders Briefing
2100 – Free Time (Gym)
2200 – Lights Out

Tuesday – Thursday
0700 – Breakfast
0830 – Devotion
0900 – Serving
1200 – Lunch (On Work Site)
1230 – Mini Devotion on Serving 
1300 – Serving
1600ish - Finish for the Day (Depending on how things are going/people are feeling.) 
1630 - Showers/Free Time (Gym)
1800 – Dinner/Showers/Free Time (Gym)
1900 – Lunch Prep (Except Thursday)
2000 – Devotion
2030 – Individual Group Devotion
2100 – Free Time (Gym)
2200 – Lights Out

0700 – Breakfast
0830 – Devotion
0900 – Free Time (Local Beach/Panama City Day)
1800 – Dinner
2000 – Devotion
2030 -  Individual Group Devotion
2100 – Free Time (Gym)
2200 – Lights Out

0700 – Breakfast
0800 – Devotion
0900 – Check Out