Hurricane Relief Efforts

Ocracoke Island, NC:  We got a last minute needs request for generators and supplies from Ocracoke Island, NC which got flooded in the storm.  We are bringing generators and gas early tomorrow morning.  The volunteer fire department will bring it over by boat. This is the same fire department that we brought all the supplies to last year.  If you would like to help us get some supplies, we will stop and get them on the way and put them on the boat.  You can either donate from the website or send a check.  Let us know if you send a check, how much you want us to buy for them and that's exactly what we will buy.

Bahamas:  We will also be responding to the Bahamas next week.  If you would like to help, let us know.  We will be going down soon to make sure that what we do actually gets to the people in need.  If you want to, you can give instantly from here or you can send a check.  Remember, we take no salaries.  What you give is what we give!

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