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Hurricane Relief Efforts

2 Ways to Help! (General or Bahamas/NC)

If you give to Mtn2Sea Ministries for Disaster Relief, what you can be assured of is that we will do the most we can with what we have been entrusted with. What we will not do, is blindly send aid without having first hand “boots on the ground”, personal knowledge of where its going. Our own eyes need to see what is happening and where things are going! That way we can tell you exactly how your donation is being used. Not what we think (hope) is happening. As happens after most storms, a lot of desperately needed aid is blindly sent without knowing where its going or how its actually going to get to the people that need it. It often ends up sitting in a warehouse being caught up in bureaucracy. We will NOT be apart of that! Who ever you give to, please make sure they have a solid plan on how to actually get it into the hands of the people in need.

To Help in General

Hurricane Relief: If you would like to help us be prepared to respond to hurricanes and disasters at a moments notice, you can! You can give to our general fund, it will not go to pay salaries (we pay none). When you give to our general fund, it allows us to pre-purchase relief equipment and supplies. That way we are not sitting around praying people donate after a disaster, so that we can respond with help. Giving this way allows us to be at the ready to respond as soon as the wind stops blowing, as we currently do. The more resources we have, the bigger our response of help will be. If you or you church are interested, we have a list of items on our website that if we could purchase would allow us to be unmatched for our ministries size with disaster response and disaster rebuild.

To Help With a Specific Storm

Bahamas: We just got back from the Bahamas, specifically Marsh Harbor in the center of the Abacos. Things are really bad and sadly no one seems to be doing anything there! We were able to place some needed supplies and funds directly into the hands of locals, including work boots so they can get started rebuilding their own community themselves and air mattresses so they can house others that come to help. We were also able to fly a family back onto the island that could not find a way back and a family off the island when we left, that needed to leave. We have made some solid contacts with locals with “boots on the ground” that we will be coordinating our relief through. That way we know exactly how our efforts and your donations are being used. The locals know best exactly what is needed and who needs it. Our current/future plans include sending more relief to the families that have stayed and to those who or currently refugees on other islands. We are also going to be returning with work crews. How big or small our response will be, will be determined by how much response we have through donations. We have already spent several thousands on this storm which drained what little was in our budget.  If you would like to help, let us know. You can do so right now from the How to Help Page or send a check (in memo: Bahamas). We will be going down again soon. Remember, we take no salaries. What you give is what we give!

Ocracoke Island, NC: We got a last minute needs request for generators and supplies from Ocracoke Island, NC which got flooded in the same storm as the Bahamas. They have been forgotten! We had our Generators, 47 gas cans, 297 gallons of gas and some supplies up there within a few days after the storm (way before the gov. or large orgs). We were able to do this by going through the local volunteer fire department. They and locals brought them over by crab boats. This is the same fire department that we brought all the supplies to last year.  We will be going back up there to get the generators so we can use them in future storms (these are the same ones folks used for a month last year after Hurricane Micheal in FL). When we go back up we will be bringing more supplies. If you would like to help, you can either donate from the website or send a check (in memo; Ocracoke). Remember, we take no salaries. What you give is what we give!

To Donate click on the How You Can Help Us page.